Shimian Music

Plugged In Acoustically Arranged Music

Members of Shimian have been in the industry for over 20 years. There are frequent comments regarding their professionalism and musical talent. A few of the common remarks are "You made our night, thank you" "We had so much fun, you guys are awesome" "Where are you playing next. I want to be there" and "Wow, Shimian knows how to entertain. We had such a fantastic night".

Shimian are able to provide background music right through to songs you love to dance to.  From good old rock'n roll, jazz, blues, classic rock, pop, through to country rock and much more.   Shimian has been hired for corporate events, weddings, shopping centre's, birthday parties, pubs, festivals and private functions.  You can hire a full band, trio, duo or Shelley and Ian are also available as soloists.  Every budget and event size is catered for with Shimian.


Shelley Martin is the front lady on lead vocals and  she plays acoustic rhythm guitar.  Shelley will have you dancing and singing along to your old favourites and current songs.  From Alannis Morrissett, Dusty Springfield, Bryan Adams, The Last International, Duffy, Guns and Roses, Seal, The Pretenders, George Ezra, Blondie, Divinyls, Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones, Katy Melua,  Cindy Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Talking Heads, Gabrielle Climi, Gin Wigmore, The Eagles, Melissa Etheridge, and many many more. If you want a particular song played, Shelley is happy to learn new material.

Ian Anderson is on lead guitar and he is on vocals as well.  Having a male and a female vocalist makes Shimian very versatile.   Ian can make his acoustic guitar do what some may find impossible.  He will have you watching and listening in awe.  Songs included from BB King, Tony Joe White, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry, Creed Clearwater Revival, Dire Straits, and Bob Seger are just a few artists in his sets.

Tracey Deane joined Shelley and Ian around 8 years ago with her first band gig, and has never looked back.  Tracey is Shimians Drum and Percussionist extraordinaire. Tracey can be heard adding her special touch with near perfection, along with chirping in on vocals and a little humour at times.

Brendon Heathcote is Shimians gentle giant, a.k.a Tiny.  He purchased a beautiful acoustic bass to ensure the acoustic nature of Shimian is in keeping.  Brendon is the easy going Bass Player happy keeping everyone happy.  He adds a strong bass line to all sets.

Paul C. Helps Shimian out from time to time on drums.  The band love having him with them on occasions Tracey is not able to make an event. Paul is renowned for his drumming skills, and unbeknown when initially introduced to each other, he had taught Tracey when she first started out.  Funny how circles cross over.  Shimian is lucky to have two fantastic drummers to call on.